Grainne Toher

I had built a website but wasn’t happy how it conveyed my company messages. The technology and look on the self-build was clunky and restricted. I wanted something sleeker and slicker for LifeForce. I took a look at other work that Coppertops had done and felt confident in their approach and professionalism

We met mid-way through the LifeForce website being built and I loved the way it was heading, the user-friendliness of the test site and Regina’s patient hand’s on training.

Since launch I have had wonderful feedback on the site and clients comment on how professional it looks. The most obvious improvements have been my level of confidence about having a professional online presence and the improvement in how the LifeForce brand is perceived

Coppertops contribute to the outcome I wanted by their hands on approach, great attention to detail, suggestions to add new features plus more info on Social Networking and how to link and develop that side of my business.

Coppertops have much to offer all industries, however they really seemed to ‘get’ what I was trying to achieve at LifeForce. I would have no hesitation in recommending Coppertops – they know their stuff – you won’t be disappointed.

Grainne Toher