In our continuing efforts to get small business owners to go online, we at Coppertops have created a special offer. For €150 we will create a website that is:

  • fully responsive i.e the website will resize to suit the smartphone, tablet or laptop that it’s being viewed on
  • provide a page for the business to include a full list of their services
  • a Contact Form
  • a Call Us button so viewers will click on it and the number will ring directly
  • Social media links
  • and incorporate their own logo and company colours.

Too many businesses think that it is beyond them financially to get online. And even with the Irish Government’s Online Trading voucher scheme, there are still a tremendous amount of businesses out there who don’t have a web presence.

But statistics have shown SMEs with a strong internet presence (whether they transact online or not):

  • grow twice as fast and export twice as much compared to non-internet adopting businesses
  • in Ireland 23% of businesses felt they could achieve an extra 5% growth with the right online strategy
  • Research from Australia indicates that 54% of small businesses who use the internet gain competitive advantage

In addition Irish consumers spent

  1. €3.7 billion online in 2012
  2. Six out of every 10 Irish adults now show online
  3. 61% of consumers plan to increase their online expenditure
  4. Eight out of every 10 Irish adults are using the web to shop or to inform purchasing

So with these trends in not just online shopping but using the internet to find and research services, can any business afford not to get a web presence? If people are using google to find out about goods and services and your company is NOT there, how much business are you losing?

So why aren’t small businesses online then? A Google SMS Insights Ireland survey said that 17% of businesses thought websites were too expensive and 33% have concerns about the time involved in maintaining websites.

So that’s why we created this offer. And we also offer a content management services so if the small business owner is too busy to look after the website themselves, then we can do it for them. So no excuses, call us today!


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