With our new website live for about a week now, we thought we’d give an overview of our design. We’d love to hear what you think, and if you sign up to our CopperBlog we will send you any updates on a regular basis. We plan on posting lots of hints and tips that we hope will help you with your business, as well as with your website, social media, marketing and design. Watch this space!

First things first though, the new look coppertops.ie.

One of the priorities in our redesign was to make a truly responsive, mobile friendly design. Our original site was mobile ready rather than truly mobile friendly, so we have rectified that. It is crucial that your website be easy to view and use across any device, as most visitors to most sites will not be using the traditional computer to access the web. All of our websites are responsive in this way, as standard, because we don’t want you to miss out on a customer just because they happen to find you while browsing or doing a google search on their phone or tablet rather than on their pc or laptop.

The site is responsive, in that on a smaller screen the menu changes from left to top and minimises to maximise visibility of the most important parts of the website. The icons on the front page align themselves according to available space, so on a mobile site they are lined up vertically whereas on a bigger screen they will go across in rows of 2 or 3. Hover effects are pretty ineffective on touch screens, as you can imagine, so on smaller screens the effect is adjusted to suit.

We are extremely social, with multiple ways to interact with us or to get in touch. We would invite you to contact us on facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+ or the more “traditional” email. Or, of course, you can simply call us! We also have a simple to use contact form

If you are not sure what you need or would like to discuss further, we are happy to talk you through your options and help you to find the best option for your needs and most importantly your budget!

We have published a page of our previous work, and a page with testimonials from our existing clients if you would like to see a sample of what we do. Obviously our own site is also a sample of our work!

Lastly, we have included our mission statement. The reason that we started Coppertops is really important to us, and we wanted to share that with you. We want to help business owners. We want to offer a professional service at a reasonable price. It really is that simple. We believe our service helps businesses who don’t have either the time to do their own website/marketing/design/social media, or the money to pay the bigger companies to do it for them. Or both! We offer a service that is easy to use, affordable and we aim to help our customers with the important task of growing their business. So if you are starting a new venture, are a new business, want to get your existing business online, or want to improve your website contact us now to find out what we can do for you. Let us help you.



Owner at Coppertops
With my IT background and love of good design, I take pride in putting together highly professional websites that work well for their owners. My coding background lets me hook things together for effectiveness, efficiency and ease of use. My history with data management means I have a good understanding of search optimisation. I mainly use WordPress as a baseline to ensure all of these qualities, with customisations to suit.