Clear Vision Fitness – Changes to the Site

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Not always a new site, sometimes we just need to make changes

Making changes. Sometimes it can be more challenging to make changes to a website than to develop a new one. You’re trying to make changes to a site that is based on a specific template. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t as you’re restricted by the limitations of the template. Other times you’re trying to figure out why another designer has created the site in such a way. It’s like trying to live in someone else’s house!

Clear Vision Fitness website was developed by another company but the client, Johnathon wanted to introduce new elements to the site and generally improve its overall function.

Our Recommendations

One of the things we noticed straight away was that there were no social media icons. Johnathon is very active on social media but there was no connection between his site and his social media activity. The inclusion of some simple social media icons at the top of his site solved this issue. In addition, we created a Youtube channel for the business. Johnathon intends to make and upload simple fitness videos to his site. And we were able to feature this introductory video on this home page.

His email was also another issue. We recommended Google Apps to handle all his email coming from the site. One of the great things about having a Google App account that no matter what website he has or where it’s hosted, if he moves, Google Apps and all his mail and contact information moves seamlessly with him.