Connemara Country Cottages Website Redesign

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This is a website redesign. Connemara Country Cottages website was our first website design and it was always Connemara Country Cottagesin the pipeline to have a further development of the site.

Connemara Country Cottages is a privately owned timeshare resort based in the picturesque Connemara region of Ireland. Our redesign brief was to develop the site further to showcase the cottages, provide a booking calendar, provide more relevant information and link the site with social media and customer reviews.

After the redesign, each cottage has its own page, that features full information on the cottage itself, number of rooms, facilities, its location and any other services available in the area. Each page has a slider of images of both the interior and exterior of the cottage. In addition we have provided a calendar that indicates when the cottage is available to hire and allows direct and easy access to make an inquiry or a booking.

We have also linked the website directly to their social media account on Facebook and a Facebook widget has been included on the website.

All customer reviews are also featured on the website both from Tripadvisor and directly from other RCI members. And we have included another page with information about the surrounding area with links to websites for restaurants and activities in the local area.

Connemara Country Cottages. We, the timeshare owners of Connemara Country Cottages had decided that the time had come to allow people who are not members of our club to avail of our lovely thatched cottages in the West of Ireland. Our website was out of date and needed an overhaul in order to encourage those who were looking to holiday in the West to find our cottages on the internet.Coppertops - a great name and two great ladies. After an initial meeting with Regina and Andrea I was convinced that these two ladies had the knowledge, expertise and most importantly the vision to bring our entity into the 21st century. They also gave us super advice on our Facebook page and other social media tools. Since the launch of our new website we have had a significant increase in the number of inquiries from potential customers. I would be happy to recommend Coppertops to any prospective clients.