Gambia Birder Website

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We were delighted to help Paul and Yuspha by providing them with a website for their new enterprise – Gambia Birder.

Paul came to us with an intriguing business, he and his colleague Yuspha provide bird watching tours from Ireland to the Gambia.

Gambia a country in West Africa, has an amazing variety of birds and Paul and Yuspha wanted a way of sharing the beautiful bird life by providing all key information on a simple yet functional website.

So Gambia Birder was born. We took one of the photos taken by Paul, that of a Wooly Necked Stork as a mascot and with a little work we made a brand for the site.
The site itself provides all relevant information about the team behind Gambia Birder, google maps of the coastal regions and national parks where the tours take place as well as a gallery of wonderful bird photos, information about the accommodation, a booking form and full contact details.

The site is fully responsive and views well on tablets, mobiles and laptops and is linked to their social media.

Although this website has a one page design, it is set up using a CMS which allows for addition of further pages in the future if the client’s needs change