Greenhills Summer Camp Website

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Greenhills Summer Camp, a summer camp for children from 5 to 15 had been run very successfully for the last few years in Drogheda.

However sending out camp information via flyers in the post and receiving back the bookings with postal orders and cheques had become very time-consuming and costly.

So we suggested a very simple site, full of information that any parent would need to know before booking. We installed a booking system so that parents could choose the week and the number of children they wanted to send to the camp. This information was then fed back to the camp organisers.

Crucially the system allowed bookings to be taken online via a Stripe portal. Stripe was chosen as it was the most cost effective option for both the parents and the organiser.

The organiser would know much more in advance, how many children he had booked into his camps and it streamlined the entire process for him, allowing him to concentrate on running the best summer camp in Drogheda.