Dublin Yoga Classes

A new startup company, DublinYoga Classes came to us seeking a website for their new yoga business.

Creating a yoga website is special
Creating a website for a new yoga business can be a challenge. From the outside, it looks a simple enough site. However for yoga practitioners, what they do is very personal and reflective directly of themselves. So they have a vested and personal interest in ensuring their site reflects how they feel about yoga. Frequently practising yoga has a profound effect on their lives and they want to share this change.

How we helped
Having met Karen, it was obvious that the website needed to reflect her as she was a great example of the benefits of yoga. She had specific ideas about the look and feel of the site which was perfect for the design process. Luckily she also had her own imagery to use on the site, which gave it a hugely authentic feel.

A timetable of classes was essential for the site and we went through many different variations before we found the right one. This calendar is simple to use and it takes it’s feed from Karen’s own Google calendar. This allows her to make changes to her class timetable on the go, from her phone or tablet.

As Karen is a very good user of social media particularly Facebook we needed to include her business Facebook page feed. We did this through the use of widgets and placed her Facebook posts on the right-hand side of each page.

Blogging is extra
The extra element on this site is the inclusion of a blog. A blog page is a great idea both from a communication point of view but also for SEO. Karen’s blog allows her to communicate her voice to her readers, allows them to get to know her and she shares an insightful and witty commentary on many subjects around yoga and life generally.So go on, follow her blog here, she’ll make you laugh, she may even make you think

Note: Karen has moved away from her yoga classes in Dublin for now, so this site is no longer live

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