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We were asked to design a logo for a new company involved in water treatment. The client had a specific idea in mind which is always a good way to start the design process.

He wanted to use the idea of molecules in the logo with the initials of the company. So we used molecules as the focal point of the logo to denote the scientific basis of the company. Each molecule had within it, the initial in a bold, strong font with a slight shadow to raise each initial away from the background. We kept with a simple palette of just three colours, that implied water. With a twisted ribbon to connect the three molecules and the company name underneath, it makes a very striking and identifying logo.

This logo will then be the starting point for any other design or branding. One palette, tone and font should be used across all business cards, flyers, website and social media to unite the company under one brand that is immediately identifiable. Some businesses don’t understand the importance of appearing under one brand. They will frequently use different colours and fonts which can spilt the brand in the minds of the consumer. If they don’t recognise you for you, they’re less likely to buy from you.

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