Retuning Me

Nuala O'Connor was bringing a number of websites together under one business name, which always requires a fair amount of logistics and organisation to compile and rewrite content to fit with the new direction being taken. Retuning is a proprietary name for Nuala's combination of therapies that combine to help her clients retune their bodies to alleviate stress and anxiety, among other things.

The website we built for Retuning Me combined a number of functions to allow Nuala to deliver her services in an efficient way by taking online bookings as well as adding online courses to provide a revenue stream while her business was closed due to covid restrictions. These new facilities will enable her to continue an online income stream as she reopens her business.

The website allows her clients to book (and pay for) a retuning session, with a choice between 90 mins, 60 mins or a free consultation, by selecting an available slot from the calendar. Providing a facility to book in this way reduces admin for your business massively, both in calendar management and in accepting payments.

We added a facility for Nuala to sell gift vouchers for her services. This means that her clients can gift her services to friends and family as well as providing an extra revenue stream.

Nuala has put together a number of online courses on her website, which means she can offer training to people no matter where they are but also that she can do that training once and sell it multiple times. This is a really efficient way of sharing your knowledge and using it to bring in extra income.

We also set up a Testimonials page for Nuala which allows her clients to give her feedback via the website, including specifying the treatment they received. This allows us to categorise the testimonials on the back end and display them in relevant spaces across the website. This ability to centrally manage testimonials means that it is more efficient and easier to maintain.

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