Strategy Series 2021: Marketing to Teens…What NOT to do.

The first step to becoming a successful brand is knowing your target audience. The second step is knowing HOW to target your audience. The second step is easier said than done, especially when marketing to teens. The marketing department may be older, and somewhat out of touch with their audience. Good market research can help you to better target your audience.

This week in the CopperBlog, we’ve done our own market research. We asked Helen, a Transition Year student from Ireland her opinion on brands marketing to teens. She’s given us some wonderful examples below.

“I don’t think this ad works because it uses a meme (which are internet jokes with teens and young people). I don’t like it when companies try to use memes and jokes like this because they usually don’t use them right, they aren’t funny and it’s just a bit cringy.” 

“This is an Instagram video ad. I don’t think it works very well as it is a quite long video which most young people would not want to watch all the way through and would probably just skip it, which means they wouldn’t know what is actually being advertised.”

“This is an Instagram post from a company that sells merch (merchandise) for two popular YouTubers. As you can see from the picture, when you order this jacket you get a signed photo of the Youtubers. I think this is a good marketing technique for teenagers because most teens are interested in influencers and celebrities (though most companies probably wouldn’t be working with celebrities).”

“I think this Instagram post is a good marketing technique for teenagers as lots of young people like participating in giveaways to win expensive things that they probably wouldn’t have been able to afford for themselves.”

Big thanks to Helen for her input here. It’s always good to hear straight from the horse’s mouth as it were. This has given us a good insight into how to better market a brand to teens. How about you? Did you find this helpful? Use the #CopperStrategy to let us know on our socials.

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