A woman’s work is never done?

According to Her.ie, a mother’s work is never done and is a full time job. If you are running a business as well, it can feel like being on a treadmill that never stops. For me, even when it’s time to go to sleep the hamster’s wheel in my head has other ideas!

I would argue that the list proposed by Her.ie is no more than a starting point for most of us each day, with the incidentals that present themselves at the worst possible times being the hardest to track and measure!

This mother conducted a mini experiment this week, unplanned but effective nonetheless. As it happened, we Coppertops were attending a 2 day conference which necessitated an overnight stay. The attitude this Coppertop’s other half has to such a suggestion is “Just go!” As if it’s ever that simple!

With our 2 under 5 to organise, and given the questions I was being asked on the night before departure, it seemed a good idea to leave a schedule for the day covering the essentials at least. With the thought in my head that I wish somebody woould give me a plan for MY day on a regular basis, I thought it only fair to give him as much information as possible to help him on his way. In addition, it occurred to me that on a normal day I’m fitting Coppertops work in between mammy duties. He wouldn’t be doing this, so would have free time during creche/school time and my kind nature insisted on me leaving him a separate to do list to cover the time that I would spend working on Coppertops tasks.

I arrived home after the time away with a throbbing headache from the days events to be asked if I was going to make the lunches for the next day! Gradually it emerged in little nuggets of information exactly how little of the plan he had stuck to. For example, he didn’t do the dinner I suggested because he didn’t know how to do it. And he got part of other tasks done, only, because he was doing it in the few free seconds he got! Result in my mind, maybe just maybe he is now more aware of how much more is involved in a day for us stay at home mammies – and maybe I won’t get that look that asks without words what I have been doing all day!

If you are struggling to fit in all of your business tasks alongside all of your home tasks, maybe Coppertops can help you?

We can take care of preparing, publishing and promoting your marketing content – flyers, business cards, brochures, stationery, website, social media, you name it. This is the stuff that we find costs small business owners time and as a result money. Let us save you that hassle and give you a professional, branded presence. We are friendly Coppertops who know exactly how tough it is to fit everything in to your day and would love to help so that you can get back to what you are good at!

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