Our Story

The History

Way back in 2013 Regina (Behan) and Andrea (McQuillan) decided that businesses deserved better and more affordable web and social media solutions to promote themselves online. Being redheads, they named their new business Coppertops.

The combined skillset of technical, functional knowledge along with design and marketing experience meant that Coppertops have always offered a solution that encompasses all of the elements necessary for great digital marketing. Over the following 6 years, Regina gained plenty of technical knowledge and Andrea upskilled in design and marketing.

In 2019 Regina decided to take a step back from the business and ultimately to leave Coppertops. Andrea took the reins to continue to support our clients to the same high standard.

The Mission

Our mission is to provide big company services at small company prices.

Our solutions work well, are easy to use, look good and give results.

We customise our offering to suit your needs so that you pay for what will work for you, keeping costs down while still giving you results.

We will work with you to review, build, manage, promote or learn.

We see ourselves as a part of your team, working together to achieve results and we take great pride in seeing growth for our clients as well as easing pain points wherever we can.

We can work as your partner, manage your online marketing or coach you on the pieces you prefer to DIY.

We take care of YOUR business like it’s OUR business.

The Values

Our core values are a part of everything we do, they are the reason we do what we do, the reason we do things in the way we do and are the key reason for the fantastic relationships we have with our clients.

Honesty and Fairness

We believe in being transparent, honest, and fair – in doing the right things in the right way to serve our clients.

Dependability, Excellence, Professionalism, Quality

Reliably doing a great job, to a high standard, and in a professional manner.

Calmness, Simplicity, Positivity

We focus on the positive while aiming to simplify what we do so that we achieve the essentials without wasting time on fluff. We don’t bamboozle our clients with jargon and we don’t build solutions that they cannot use or even understand.

Joy and Fun

We love what we do and try to bring fun to the table while we work. There is a real joy in ensuring our clients are happy to work with us.


We don’t copy anyone’s work. We don’t use templates. Each piece of work is custom created to match the business and function that it is designed to serve.

Accountability, Making a Difference

As standard, we do our best and most honest work to maximise results for our clients.

Compassion, Empathy, Thoughtfulness

We understand that every persons circumstances are different and work with people where they are to make their life easier.


This has two elements.

The Coppertops team, where we have been so lucky to find like-minded team members who naturally flow in the same direction as the Coppertops mission.

Our clients are part of our team, or we are part of theirs. We work together with our clients to understand their needs and to achieve effective and efficient results.