Terms & Conditions

Coppertops Marketing and Web Services

These are the terms and conditions under which Coppertops Digital Marketing undertake any work. Please familiarise yourself with them before the job begins.



All prices quoted are based on work specified in the quote. Quotes are valid for a period of 14 days from the date of the quote.

Once accepted by the customer (either verbal or written), Coppertops’ written quotation shall be deemed to interpret correctly the customer’s instructions.

Any additions or alterations submitted or requested by a customer after Quote has been accepted will be added to the final price (unless changes to the proof are merely typographical corrections), or will be charged pro rata.



The provision of content (text, images etc) is the responsibility of the client.

Coppertops assumes that all content provided by the client for use in a new website design and build (including text, images and all other assets provided by the client) is original and does not infringe on existing copyrights.

Coppertops reserves and retains the right to insert their name, logo and website link to any and all websites created by them and to have those details remain for the lifetime of the website.

All content should be provided to Coppertops before the end date of the project to be uploaded as part of the project.

At the end date for the project, the site will be launched and Coppertops will arrange the free training session with the client so they will know how to manage and update their own website for the future.

After the end date of the project, any content that has not been uploaded will be the client’s responsibility. Any changes requested after the project has been completed may incur an additional fee.

If the content and imagery is not provided within the agreed timeframe and the website is not fit to launch, then Coppertops reserve the right to cancel the agreed work and return whatever balance is left after cost of already completed work is deducted.

Once the website has been launched and handed over to the client, the client is solely responsible for any liability arising out of or related to that Web Site.



After discussions with the client about the design and functionality of the client website, Coppertops will provide a mockup (design spec) to the client for their approval.

The client will have two weeks to discuss any design changes (to the mockup) with Coppertops before agreeing on the final version. The number of changes permitted at this point will be outlined in your proposal.

This final version will form the basis of the website construction, so once it has been agreed, the website will be built to this specification.

Any changes to the design after the build has begun will incur an additional cost.



Once the proposal has been accepted, an invoice will be created and emailed to the client for payment.

Work will only begin on the job once payment has been received. Any delay in payment will mean a delay in the commencement of the work.

If the client cannot make the full payment, they should contact Coppertops immediately to discuss.

Once the work is completed Coppertops will invoice the client for any additional charges that have occurred to enable the work to be completed to meet the customer’s requirements. Invoice will be sent to client for payment and expected within one week from Project End Date. If payment is not made within the one week, then Coppertops Digital Marketing reserve to the right to take action to ensure payment which can including taking the website back off line and instigating legal action.

The customer must pay to Coppertops any costs, expenses or losses incurred by Coppertops as a result of the customer’s failure to pay Coppertops all sums outstanding from the customer to Coppertops (including without limitation the generality of the obligations set out in this clause, any debt collection and legal costs).


Refund Policy

Coppertops maintains a policy of No refunds. Due to the month-to-month, cancel anytime nature of this agreement, Coppertops shall not be compelled to issue a refund, pro-rated or otherwise for any reason. Coppertops reserves the right to issue a refund on a case-by-case basis at Coppertops sole discretion.


Time Frames

The work will begin when payment has been received.
From this date, the design/mockup will be agreed in two weeks
The website build will take two weeks after the final design mockup has been agreed
Final tweaks and updates will only take one week.
Website will be launched six weeks after payment has been made.
Any additional work not agreed in the initial proposal will need to be paid before launch. Any delay in payment will delay the launch of the website.


Suspension of Work

The suspension by the customer of any work, for any reason whatsoever, for a period of thirty (30) days, shall entitle Coppertops to payment in full for the work completed up to the suspension date.


Cancelled Orders

Orders cannot be cancelled except upon terms, which compensate Coppertops for all work done, materials used or specially acquired to complete the order, to the date of the cancellation.


It is understood and agreed that any and all information disclosed by the Client and provided to Coppertops Digital Marketing must be kept confidential.

To ensure the protection of such information, and to preserve any confidentiality necessary under Irish Data Protection legislation, it is agreed that all such information shall remain entirely confidential. A full signed confidentiality agreement is available upon request.

The client must keep confidential and not use any ideas, systems or processes communicated or made available by Coppertops Digital Marketing to the customer without Coppertops Digital Marketing’s written permission.

Coppertops reserves the right to modify and/or change these terms and conditions at any time.



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