Are your business systems bogging you down?

So often we talk to business owners who complain about difficulties they have with their website, their email system, their file storage or even their calendar system. All of these are things that should be EASY and should just WORK. We shouldn’t have to think about how email works, it should be something that sorts itself out in the background and updates us when we need to pay attention to something. Our website should be something we can update and change on a regular basis, an updated website is crucial to most business as it is most likely to find us new customers. None of this should be a headache.


If you are happy to update your own website, make sure that it is built using a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress so that you have access to the back end and are able to change any of the text on your website.

Always make sure that you are given the access that you need when your site is launched and that you know where all of the content for your site is in order to update it. Some websites built using WordPress are built in a confusing way which can make it difficult to find the editor for some of the text on your site. Your developer should show you where everything is if you are going to be updating it.

The other alternative, of course, is to pay your web developer to do all of this for you. This can actually prove to be more cost-effective, as it saves you taking the time out of your business to make those changes. Most web developers will offer a package deal for carrying out changes on an ongoing basis.


When we set up in business, we tried out almost every possible option for our email setup. We tried forwarding to a free Gmail account, which is so fiddly and risks sending an email with instead of your domain which is very unprofessional. We tried webmail on our own hosting, which was an improvement but accessing email on new devices was extremely awkward to set up. We tried a few other things I can’t even remember!

Then we tried G Suite – or Google Apps as it was! We honestly haven’t looked back, it is so simple, so easy to use and it just… works! We don’t think about it anymore, we know it is reliable and will continue to work for us. When we got new devices we simply had to log into a google account to access all of our work emails.

File Storage

I’m not sure why anyone would NOT use the cloud at this stage, I strongly believe if you try it you won’t go back.

Everything we do is stored on Google Drive. This means that we can open any of the documents we are working on anywhere – on another computer, on a tablet, on a phone – and see the most recent saved changes.

We can also both work on a spreadsheet or a document at the same time in a browser, we can see what changes we are each making in real time. Paired with video chat on Google Hangouts or similar, this has saved us hours in back and forth exchanges over preparing documents.

Google Drive also makes it easy to share files with other people, or even folders. We often share a folder with a client so we can make files available to them easily and they can easily send us information.

In summary…

As I said, your business systems shouldn’t be something that you are always thinking about or trying to figure out how to use them or if they will work at all.

They should tick away in the background, forgotten about but be doing their job so that you can do yours.

We can help!

For a simple, fast solution check out our offer for a One Page website with G Suite. If you need something more, or if you prefer to talk to us about what you need, please contact us.

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