Does my business need to be online?

You think your business needs to be online but you’re not that keen because you think it will take up a huge amount of time and money and you don’t have the expertise or the confidence to start.

You’re not alone. Only 23% of Irish businesses are trading online, that’s less than one in four. But you’re losing out BIG TIME.

Being online is shown to increase customer enquiries by 84% and sales by 21%! How much work would you, as a business owner have to do to increase your sales by 21%?! And 75% of the impact of digital is in traditional business. (Source: Local Enterprise Office)

Currently, Irish consumers spend €700,000 each HOUR, 24 hours a day online, with 70% of that going outside the country. 88% of consumers research products and services online before buying. And if you’re not found online, then you don’t get that business. In addition, many consumers research outside normal office hours on a variety of devices so you need to be giving them the best version of your online presence.

But now comes the fear for many businesses: it costs thousands, it will take up so much of my time! Yes, it could but with our new One Page Website deal, it won’t!

We created this option especially for those businesses who don’t have a huge amount of time and money to invest but understand the importance of being online and being visible to their customers. So we’re offering you a domain (unless you already have one), one web page, so you can include your most important information and imagery, a google map, so your customers can find you, a Call Us button, so they can contact you via mobile on the go, a business email address, all your social media links and your logo and colours to give one voice, one brand and one message across all media.

You don’t even have to meet with us (although we will if you want to!), you can buy and pay for it all on our website, upload the required information and you’re good to go in about a week.

The idea behind this was to make it easy, stress-free for businesses to get online quickly. This way you have a presence in the online world and if things improve and you’d like to scale up, you already have a web presence to build upon. But being online will help increase sales, increase customer enquiries, help reduce costs, give better marketing intelligence and increase visibility for your business by giving you an online presence 24/7.

So the question is not whether your business needs to be online, the question is what are you waiting for? Call Coppertops today or click to buy your One Page Website today!

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