Can COVID-19 have a positive impact on your Digital Marketing?

Who’s sick of hearing the word COVID? We’ve seen so many of our clients and other business owners impacted to various degrees and in various ways over the past year. Initially thinking the closure was short term, we had no idea the restrictions and closures would still be in place 12+ months later!

We’ve also seen a variety of responses in digital marketing from businesses. Some have ramped up, others have closed online shop along with their physical premises. We certainly couldn’t blame anyone for lacking motivation to post on social while their doors are closed, but can we suggest there is another way?

Try these while under COVID restrictions!

Post for fun

If your business is closed there is little point in promoting your products or services online right now. Wasting effort marketing what you can’t sell is unproductive and demoralising.

However, there is another purpose to posting online via blog or social media platforms which you can still take advantage of and which is a perfect way to “bank” some benefit for when you can reopen.

Create interesting, informative and fun posts and stay consistent on your platforms.


Use the time to interact and engage with your audience. Social media is a great place to build a relationship with your customers or potential customers and time spent building that relationship now will pay off later when you are able to promote and sell again.


Put together some promotional content ideas for later, get creative and build up a variety of posts which you can then dip into and schedule when you are able to open again.

Be ready to let people know when you are able to open and plan content to remind them of what you can do for them.

Build your skills!

Learn to write and publish blog posts, fine tune your skills and practice, this is the best way to improve your content as well as streamline your process so that when you are busier you can do this more quickly. The less time it takes the more likely you are to stick with the habit when things are busy!

Learn to manage your content on social media, how to publish and schedule posts to maintain a consistent presence.

Learn to create great graphics to publish along with your content, whether on blog or social media. Canva is great, we will have some content soon including some tips on using it efficiently so you can quickly create great graphics.

Investigate ads – are Facebook ads something that your business can make use of? Google or LinkedIn ads? Which will be most cost-effective and give you the best results? Do you understand how they work and how you can target your preferred audience? Again, we have some upcoming blog posts focussing on Facebook ads as we find those are generally most effective for promotion.


Build connections with business owners. We can learn so much from each other and support from others in the same boat is invaluable. With current COVID restrictions, all networking is virtual and is likely to stay that way for most of this year. That makes connecting a little different but also makes the events more accessible. So take advantage!

Rebuild for the post COVID world

This is a great time to work on any changes you’ve been considering. Does your website need an overhaul or a redesign? Can you add extra functionality for selling or improving your workflow? For any significant projects bear in mind that the LEO Trading Online Voucher is available to help. Find out more about who can apply and how it can help here.

Can we help?

We love to help businesses to promote themselves and grow. We love to help plan and create content. As an outside voice we can often come up with ideas that you may not have thought of.

We aim to simplify your digital marketing and if possible suggest ways to potentially implement technology solutions to simplify your business! So why not get in touch and see if we can help you plan and promote to grow or rebuild as we emerge from restrictions.

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