Community is a thing of joy!

This day last week was a crazy day all around. We’ve been working with the fabulous Jacqui Taaffe on the launch of her new book, Inspire Heal Empower,

We have been working with her in the build up to her Book Launch and her book went live on Amazon on Thursday last week.

It’s always a whole lot of fun to spend time with Jacqui, even remotely. Her attitude and energy are so positive and so infections.

The energy and support for Jacqui on #louthchat on the Tuesday before the launch, at the launch itself and then at the Network Ireland Louth event afterwards speaks volumes about Jacqui.

When Jacqui introduces people she works with to each other, it’s fascinating to watch how they check each other out to make sure that we all have her back. That protectiveness speaks of a huge respect and admiration that people have for her. What a wonderful effect that is to have on the people around you!

Coincidentally, the Network Ireland Louth event was one where I was lined up to speak about Making the Most of your Website. Prepping for both on the same day was “fun”! But it all came good in the end.

The group of women I have met over my years in Network Ireland Louth are amazing. Watching them cheer each other on, as they did with Jacqui last night, is always so special. It’s just part of what makes this group such a fantastic support.

We are so deprived of connection over the last year and it’s more important than ever to grab it wherever we can. The speakers, questions, cheers for Jacqui and the plain and simple chats (even on Zoom!) are a lovely opportunity to check in and connect with each other.

That has always been hugely valuable for me but the value has certainly increased in these bizarre times!

Incidentally, Jacqui messaged me last night to let me know that she achieved bestseller status on amazon! I’m not sure which of us was more excited!

Find your community, call it a crew, support network or substitute family, and nurture them. Those are the people who will get you through the tough times and cheer you on when you start to soar.

Pssst! Pass it on!
Joy of Community Photo by Belle Co from Pexels

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