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Connemara Country Cottages is a privately owned timeshare resort based in the picturesque Connemara region of Ireland. The brief here was to create a page to allow online payments through a Realex gateway – a secure method allowing users to make payments on the Realex servers before returning to the Connemara Country Cottages site. These payments are only allowed for registered users after they have logged on, for extra security.

The client also wished to begin displaying Reviews of the resort, from a couple of separate sources, as well as the beginning of a page of links to useful info for members.

From a design point of view, the brief was to ensure that the current members felt comfortable using the site, while introducing a modern look and feel to appeal to new (younger) members over time. We at Coppertops could not resist the temptation to also bring a piece of Connemara to the site via the colour scheme and imagery.

This site is at phase 1, with further developments planned at a later stage.

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Connemara Country Cottages Web Design

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