Content Management: What should I post on social media?

The eternal question of content management and what you should post to your social media accounts seems such a daunting topic, but it shouldn’t be!

Keep it simple, and remember some key points:

  • You are only trying to represent who you are, not trying to be somebody else.
  • Post what you would like to read yourself – keep it interesting, fun, educational or even inspiring.
  • Know who you are talking to – have a person in mind so that you can always check the content you are posting to see if it will be of interest to the type of person you would love to work with.
  • Use social media to build relationships rather than to make sales. Let people see what you are like, help others, support local businesses. Avoid posting too much “salesy” content, it is offputting.
  • Aim for interactions rather than followers. It’s less about gathering large numbers of followers and more about the amount of engagement. Likes, shares, replies, comments, etc show that your content is useful and increases awareness of your brand.

So what’s better than some examples of companies doing this and nailing it?

Paddy Power Content Management – Be yourself, everyone else is taken!

Before the recent England v Ireland match, Paddy Power posted this tweet poking fun at the situation with Jack Grealish and Declan Rice who had both looked like they would play for Ireland before declaring for England instead.

So why is this great?

  • Love them or hate them, Paddy Power know exactly who their audience are and how they will respond to this. And they don’t mind if you respond telling them you hate it, that still counts as engagement which is what they are after.
  • This post matches the personality that Paddy Power are aiming to portray, they are not trying to be someone else, they are never playing it safe, they almost aim to be divisive so you either love or hate them but it will always get a reaction.
  • This was posted last week, a huge amount has happened since, I still remember it. It is memorable and keeps them in your mind.
  • They don’t take themselves too seriously and are willing to poke fun at any situation.

Great Northern Larder Content Management – Keep it lighthearted

This doesn’t work for every business, but if you can inject some fun it’s a great way to make your content easier to read and encourage sharing.

Earlier this year, this post from Great Northern Larder caught my eye. They were recruiting for a new team member and I loved how they did it.

  • This post will absolutely weed out exactly the people that will enjoy working at Great Northern Larder. If someone liked this post and followed it up to apply for the role they are most likely going to be a great fit for the company.
  • The personality of the current team at Great Northern Larder is evident in the post, they are not editing to make it formal or safe. By doing that I think they make it very personable and likeable, which is far more powerful.
  • I think the use of image is great here too, makes me smile immediately which is consistent with the text in the post.
  • This post was aimed at finding a new hire for the business, but I would imagine that it also served to raise brand awareness and to let people know what the personality of the business is.

EMS & Associates Content Management – Write what people will want to read and Support Local

This one is more a general appreciation for an account than an individual post. Carmel at EMS & Associates is fabulous on Twitter (and elsewhere, but that’s another story!

  • She is 100% herself. Chatting to Carmel, working with her, or reading her tweets, she is herself.
  • She supports local business, whole heartedly. She is so generous in recommending and promoting local businesses and especially in participating in #louthchat.
  • Her feed is a mix of what EMS offers, beautiful photos of her nearby beach, fun posts and shout outs for other businesses.

Content Management top tips

These are just some quick examples of things to consider in terms of content management for your website and social media.

  • Keep it consistent – tone, posting schedule and mix of content types.
  • Keep it fun, where you can – especially right now, I think we all need some lighthearted easy reading!
  • Be yourself! The best way to attract people who will enjoy working with you is to let them see the real you.

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