Day 4: Spring Cleaning your apps

Today we are looking at Spring Cleaning the apps we have on our phone. Honestly, this one both sounds worse than it actually is and feels better than you think it will!

Take each device individually and look through the list of apps, be honest about whether you actually use them and remove anything that isn’t serving you. This is a bit like the plugins on your website, we try out new things and forget to remove them when we stop using them so the list can get looonggg. I have actually in the past entirely removed my social media apps from my phone which was such a relief and really helped to kick the scrolling habit so that even when I re-added them I wasn’t mindlessly opening them out of pure habit. Keep what you need, what serves you and what makes your life better. Ditch the rest. If you find that you really miss something it isn’t difficult to reinstall but you might be surprised by what you can do without and by how much better it feels without it!

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Social Media-Spring Clean Week

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