Website design – when to DIY and when to bring in the professionals

There are many options available which allow you to create a website with a spend of nothing or very close to it. So why should you pay somebody else to do something which you can do yourself for free?

Cost Analysis

Well the first question to ask is whether it is really costing you nothing? Here are the steps involved in getting a simple WordPress based website (non-ecommerce) live:

  • go to (for example, there are other options) and set yourself up a free blog
  • go to a domain registrar and get your domain (this will involve setting up an account and spending about €10)
  • link your new domain to your blog
  • set up the design of your blog
  • organise your menus
  • add some pages
  • add a contact form
  • add social media widgets
  • add a newsletter subscription form

Then you will need to optimise for search engines, security etc.

Each of these items has a time cost. The amount of time taken is more if you are not familiar with the tasks, or if you need to research how to do them first. So if you have not done this before then this task could take you a couple of weeks, at least.

Your time is not free, but it depends on whether you have enough of it to be worth saving the cash cost. If you are busy with your day job, then is it really worth your while spending a couple of weeks doing this instead of the other jobs that need to be done in your business?


The other issue with DIY website is how effective they are. If you are not aware of the issues that can arise, it is easy to overlook something that could cause issues down the line. Again, if you have the time to research the topic fully before you get started then these can usually be avoided, but this must be weighed up against the benefit of paying a fee to somebody who knows the best way to implement a website effectively and efficiently.


Personally, this is the biggest deal breaker for me when it comes to setting up a free website. The sites that are built in this way use templates and do not have as many features available to them as sites built by a web developer.

There is some confusion around WordPress, mostly because people do not realise that there are two separate versions of the platform. Free WordPress sites are set up using sites must be set up on hosting. Coppertops sites are WordPress, but they are sites. This means that there is a lot more flexibility in terms of what we can do with our sites than can be done with a site. There are more plugins available, giving much more functionality. There are more themes available, giving many more design options. Additionally, we can customise the available themes using code so we can achieve designs specific to our clients needs.

In conclusion…

The upshot is that this decision is never a simple one – it depends on what your needs are, what your budget is and how much time is available to you.

What I would suggest is that you check out our prices and see if we have an option to suit your needs and save you both time and money! Or, feel free to contact us for a personalised proposal tailored to your requirements

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