DIY website: I can just build a site myself, right?

DIY website builders seem like the easy option. This is certainly the message you’ll get if you watch a few videos on YouTube, with ads for all of the self-build website platforms out there telling you how simple it is. And I’m not going to lie, building a website is not difficult. Adding text and images to a web page should be a simple task. Shocked that a web developer would tell you that? Let me explain.

The part of my job where I put the content onto each page or post and change colours is not the part where my skills are most in play. That’s the easy bit, let’s be honest, it’s the fun part!

The rest of it is where my clients get the full benefit of my skills and experience. The part where we decide which piece goes where, how the structure and layout of the site will work best and what the aims of your site are in terms of working for your business. The part where we assess whether your site is working for you and optimise it to improve your results. The part where we link your website to the other elements of your business to automate where possible to reduce your admin work.

It’s all about the process

When you do anything repeatedly over a number of years you will naturally develop a process and a system for doing it. It is so important to us here at Coppertops that our clients get the best results that we have an extra incentive to fine-tune our process as technology and people change over time.

Parts of our process are impossible to explain, parts of it are purely based on having done this so many times before. This experience allows us to quickly figure out what will work best for your business or what layout looks best for your customer. This piece is absent with a DIY website builder.

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To illustrate what I mean here I’m going to give an overview of how our web development process works. We use similar processes for our other services.

Review and Assess

To start we look at what you have. Your business, your website and social media. What you do, how you do it and how online marketing fits into that.

This allows us to come up with a plan for your build. With a DIY website builder, you need to plan the site yourself, too.


We create a layout for the structure of your website at a wireframe level – pages, functionality, user flow. This allows us to focus on how your site works before getting distracted by how it looks.


We create a mock-up to show how your website will look. This allows us to test out the design and allows you to see and approve the proposed layout, fonts, colours, etc before we start to build the site.

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Review and Approve

We go through the proposed wireframe and design with you to ensure that you are happy with both.


Once we have an agreed layout and design, we go ahead and build your website. As I said earlier, this is a piece that can certainly be done yourself but in my experience, it will take longer and is less likely to get you the result you want. A good portion of our clients came to us at this point after they tried the DIY route and got too frustrated!

Review and Test

Another review level. I know, but these stages are crucial to make sure we get to the right end result. We review the build and test to ensure that all of the pieces work correctly. We also check to make sure your website is responsive (works on any device).

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Final checks and tweaks as we launch your website and make sure all is working correctly.


Once your site is live you become a management client, we are always taking care of you and your website. With a self build website, you are on your own here.

Post Launch reviews

We come back and check in on your website as well as complete an SEO review to make sure everything is working correctly and effectively. Google Analytics data can help us to fine-tune and tweak your site to make sure it is running well.

So what will it be, DIY website or Website Developer?

So the choices are endless but your first choice is this, do you want to spend the time on a self-build website or would you prefer to go through the Coppertops process while you focus on the rest of your business?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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