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Let me tell you about Coppertops who have just launched my brand new, fabulous website.

When embarking on this journey, I was nervous about who I would hire for this job. I wasn’t computer illiterate but I truly wasn’t tech savvy either! I spoke to three companies that were recommended to me by other business owners, I genuinely wanted a word of mouth referral. From my very first conversation with Regina, I so, so hoped that hers was going to be the company we used however business had to come first so I had to put my head in front of my heart and think from a business perspective. I went back and forward to each company with numerous questions and time upon time, Regina was the one who came back promptly, efficiently but most of all with incredible ideas and an absolute enthusiasm for what I wanted to achieve. In fact, before I even hired Coppertops, Regina told me about a Local Enterprise Office grant I could apply for that would cover half of the cost of setting up my new website – absolutely invaluable.

In the end, Coppertops won my business hands down and what an absolutely, incredible journey I have been on with these two girls (there’s also the wonderful Andrea!). Their absolute commitment to myself and my website has been just phenomenal. I know that I was so particular about what I wanted and I’m sure they probably behind the scenes were often tearing their hair out at me but they never, ever portrayed that – they delivered absolutely EVERY time. Before we even started on design of the website, Coppertops hired a beautiful room in a local hotel complete with flip charts, fabulous coffees and a minefield of information. We sat in that hotel for a full afternoon, brainstorming my website, thrashing out ideas and with Regina offering us a multitude of ideas that we would never have contemplated on our own.

It’s been such an incredible journey – and I really mean that.

Before we launched, we all gathered again at the same lovely hotel, the girls complete with laptops, amending anything I wanted amended there and then – I actually don’t know if I’ve ever experienced anything like the service I have received from them.

Then, after we had been up and running for a few months, the girls came to my office, sat with me and fully trained me in what I need to know about the back end of my website – Regina even did a fools proof video (I need it!) of EVERY aspect I need to know about updating my website but more than that, I know that these girls are at the end of the phone any time that I need them – the business relationship hasn’t just ended because the website is complete. I am totally confident that as my business grows, they will be guiding me on what updates I need to do in order to keep up with the virtual world.

They are now doing a social media advertising campaign for me and I’m excited to see how this goes – they really do have so much to offer in their field of expertise.

You know, sometimes we read testimonials about people/companies and we wonder if they are true or made up. I can promise you this is a genuine testimonial – I’ve given you my website address, my phone number is on it, if you feel the need to reach out and call me to talk about this company and the service I have received from them, please do, I would be genuinely happy to talk about the fabulous experience I have had with this company.

More than anything and truly you don’t find this so much in business anymore, I now like to think that two fabulous people have been introduced into my life and I hope that I never lose touch with them.

If you’re thinking of setting up a website or upgrading an existing one, do yourself one big, massive favour and just hire this company.

Linda Minto