When we upgraded our website from to, we ran into all sorts of problems. We had hired a web developer to fix the issues but 4 months later, he continuously told us he was still ‘working on it’ while charging us endlessly for unfinished, incomplete work. Frustrated, we moved onto another web developer hoping this guy would be able to fix the site quickly and without costing us a fortune. 5 months later, he was still twiddling with the site and we were beyond frustrated as it was not working properly. It was causing our members issues when logging on to the site and posting our forums and it was making it difficult for us to sell ad space as the site was not fully functional.

Then, through a local business twitter group called LouthChat, we were introduced to Coppertops. We asked around about them and all the feedback about Regina and Andrea was superb. We fired the previous web developer and hired the girls to fix the problems he was unable to fix on

Much to our relief and delight, they were able to fix the outstanding issues without fuss, in a timely manner and in a cost effective way.

We were so happy with their professionalism and technical knowledge, that we have hired them to do regular maintenance on on a monthly contract basis.

We highly recommend Regina and Andrea. After everything we went through with our disastrously long upgrade, we know how stressful it is to work with companies who overcharge and work slowly. Thankfully, Coppertops came to our rescue and the site is running great now.

Siobhán O'Neill White