Meaningful Moments

Everyone hesitates before spending money. I was sceptical about using ‘the experts’. I was surrounded by how easy it is to use a template to set up a website, ‘do it yourself’ advice and how much it would save me. However, I do believe in trusting experience and expertise and went on my search to find it.

And I did find it, in abundance, in Coppertops. This is definitely the right course to take. I signed up with Coppertops to create my website and finished with a vision coming to life on screen. Coppertops has made a significant difference to my business in time-saving on enquiries and creating a professional image for my services. Also, I learned how to write specifically for my ‘vision’. Certainly, it was challenging but with the expert guidance, encouragement and support from Andrea and Regina it was made much easier.

I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending this team for your business needs. Thank you to them both and I wish Coppertops lots of success.

Siobhán O'Reilly