St Maurs Parish, Rush

The Parish of St. Maur’s needed a new website, our old one was outdated and not very appealing. We needed a revamp, more colour, more information, easier navigated and that’s exactly what Coppertops delivered

We are absolutely delighted with the results. Regina came up with an amazing idea to use a picture of the stain glass window as the background on the website, the results are stunning

We now have a beautiful website full of information that is easily accessible for our parishioners. From the menu tabs to the quick links throughout our website we just feel that Regina & Coppertops have nailed it. Regina listened to everything we asked for and exceeded!

If you are thinking of working with Coppertops…. My advice …. Go For It.. You won’t be disappointed! Huge Thank you to Coppertops for their work, it is very much appreciated

St Maur's Parish Priest