Hackers have been at work

We’ve seen our second instance of a site which has been hacked, the hacker is simply adding a post which is in appropriate on any business site but even more so on the school site which was the first example we saw!

Lots of sites have fallen foul of this particular hacker, if you google their “tag” “hacked by muhmademad” you will see plenty of examples, most of these posts no longer exist as they have been deleted by the site owners.

So what should I do?

Please be vigilant, keep an eye on your site for anything unusual.

PLEASE make sure that your website has been updated to version 4.7.2, this update has fixed the vulnerability as you can read here

If you need assistance in applying updates on your site, please contact us.

As an added layer of protection, please take this opportunity to change your WordPress password, make sure it is a secure one here, and keep it safe.

If you have a website which was not built by us:

  • make sure that your username is not the default “admin”. This is the first username that most login attempts use, as it is the default user added by WordPress, and a scary amount of sites we see still have an Administrator called user.
  • Make sure that your login name is not the same as your display name, as this tells any visitor to your site the username to attempt to log in with.
  • Make sure you have a solidly effective security plugin installed on your site, if you would like some recommendations or suggestions please contact us and we would be happy to share our favourite ones.

Giving a hacker your username is effectively halving the effort required to log in to your site, why would you do anything to make their job easier?

Don’t assume that your site has nothing that a hacker wants, this particular hacker is happy to just post their message all over the web and your site serves that purpose perfectly well!

Psst! Pass it on

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