How good logo design can make a difference

We’ve all heard the phrase “you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Right? Right. And yes that is an overused phrase but it also happens to be true.
One of the first things someone will know about your company, your brand, is the logo. And in an instant, they will gain an impression of your business from your logo. A good logo design will entice and encourage. A bad logo design will discourage and put customers off.
The logo is arguably the most important aspect of any brand to get right. It’s intended to show the personality of a brand and instantly convey what the company does at a glance. A professional appearance is a *must* for business.
Logos shouldn’t ever be difficult to figure out, or it’s pretty pointless having one. Even then, a logo should tell the story of the brand or the business in a way that is clear, uncomplicated and instant.

Coppertops have had their graphic design hats on recently with two new logos designed and launched. One was for a location Residents Association and one was for a local favour exchange website.

CRA Graphic
castle logo

First Logo Designed:
This is the new logo for the Castleview Residents Association. The Association wanted something that was bold and strong using imagery that could be readily understood and identified as a castle! The previous logo was fussy and overcomplicated and not readily identifiable.

Second Logo Designed:
The second newly created logo was for the Roots Favour Exchange. This is a local Fingal group who offer their services in exchange for the services of other users of the group. No money changes hands, everything is bartered, like for like.

logo design

The brief was to create something striking that would reflect the roots of this scheme in the community. Without deep community involvement this scheme simply won’t work.
There was an actual competition for graphic designers to submit a logo which was then chosen at a meeting by the community. And we are delighted to say that Coppertops won the competition and this is the winning logo!

castle Logo Design

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