How to choose a domain name

The Domain Name Conundrum

OK you’ve decided your business needs a website and one of the first decisions you will have to make is what to call the website, what will your domain name be?

Say what you do

The best advice would be to think like a customer and if you can use the keywords that a customer of yours would be into a search engine to try and find your business.

For example if you make dog kennels, why not consider It contains the keywords dog kennels which will return your website when searched for.

Relevant and Personal

Make it relevant to you or your business. For example when we were searching for a name for our business, we felt there were loads of web/design names out there so we wanted to make ourselves different, we wanted to make it personal and memorable. One of the most obvious commonalities between us is our red hair so we called ourselves Coppertops. In our branding we always make sure to say Coppertops Marketing and Web Services so people know what we do, but our domain is coppertops which is both memorable and personal.

Makes sense to you but not to the Customer

However don’t make it TOO personal. Don’t use any elements – names, dates or numbers that are relevant to you but a new customer would have no idea about and would never include it when googling it. For example – www.44Hotel because it is No 44 on the street, no one will google 44 hotel. They will google the town the hotel is based in so perhaps www.Louthhotel or even www.streetnamehotel.

Not too long, it needs to be easily typed

Make it short and snappy. You know yourself, our attention spans have gotten shorter and people don’t want to waste time typing very long domain names – Who is going to type all THAT into a search engine? Also if you want to have emails attached to this domain, they will be too long as well – Users are going to get fed up typing this into an email.

Use your Name wisely my young Padawan

Domain names can be used as a marketing tool if cleverly chosen. For example using doctor or solution in the domain, gives a fix to the problem you are searching for help on.  Looking for someone to unblock your drains, use the www.draindoctor or a plumber use www.pipesdoctor.

Get to it before someone else does

Even if you’re not ready to set up a website straight away but you do have an idea in mind for your website name, don’t be afraid to reserve your domain in advance.  You can put up a placeholder page that lists your contact info so you will have a presence on the internet. You can even set up your emails using this until you’re ready for a full website. This way you know that your domain is held by you and can’t be swiped by your competitors.

In conclusion choose a domain name that says what you do and to make it really successful make it short as you can, personable and an easy for your customers to remember as possible.  All our packages include domain name registration and renewal as standard.

laptop domain name for website

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