Why should I use Google Apps?

What is the benefit using Google Apps over my ordinary email?

There are many benefits using Google apps over your ordinary email or webmail.   I know, I know, you find that hard to believe and I did too initially but I have been converted and I will explain why.

Let’s start by looking at the normal email options that a business would have and their pros and cons.

Using your personal email account

Many small business use their @hotmail or @gmail for their company email.


  1. Quick and easy to do
  2. Needs no technical know-how to set it up
  3. Free
  4. Intrinsically nothing wrong with using an @hotmail


  1. Using an email address that ends with an @gmail or @yahoo appears like your business is temporary, which puts people off buying from you.
  2. It can look unprofessional.  It gives the impression that you haven’t put time or effort into your business. This can be a real turnoff for prospective customers who don’t know you and may not be feel that you are trustworthy.
  3. There are no extra features with this type of email account.
  4. Your business email is goes into the same inbox as your personal emails, your Groupon deals, your Facebook and Twitter updates etc so the potential for losing or missing important business communication is a real one.

Email that comes with Hosting

When you get hosting for your new website, they will offer you a free email account


  1. Very immediate as you sign up when you get the login to your hosting
  2. You are provided with an info@ or name@yourcompanyname.com email address.


  1. Not always free. Sometimes it’s free for three or six months but then you get charged and you realise how expensive it is. But if you want to change your email, you need to select a new email provider, download the emails you’ve already received, change the DNS settings on the mailclient to the new email, wait for it to propogate across the network and hope that it works!  Then you realise this is way too complicated and you’ve spent too much time on it and you just keep paying for this too expensive email.Or you just lose the will to live, move across to another email provider and lose all the emails you’ve already received.Get the idea?
  2. This type of email is that it is relying on your hosting to function.  In other words if your hosting is being upgraded or has suffered an attack by hackers, your email is unavailable. And who can be without their email?!
  3. If you want to move your website hosting to another provider, you have to update new settings which could take 24-48 hours, again leaving you without your email.
  4. Each time you get a new phone, you will need to put in a whole raft of information from your hosting provider and put it in exactly to access your email via mobile. Doesn’t have to be complicated but can be really exasperating.

Email Using Google Apps

Google Apps or G Suite as it’s called now is basically a gmail account or accounts for g-suitebusiness.


  1. Standard Interface: Most of us have a personal gmail account and are very familiar with the interface. Google Apps/G Suite means that you retain this interface so you can hit the ground running
  2. Security: Gmail is probably THE most secure email providers out there. It is rarely unavailable and it has some of the best spam filters out there which will reduce the amount of crap that comes into your email
  3. Domain email: Google Apps will allow you to set up your business domain on google apps – info@yourcompany.com
  4. Storage Space:  Google provides 30GB for free which should be more than enough for most small business. And if it isn’t enough for you, storage space can be upgraded to unlimited at a still very reasonable cost. But the 30GB is still far larger than most of the other email providers around unless you want to pay for space.
  5. Google Drive sync – which automatically backs up ALL your files and if a device fails (you drop coffee on your laptop!)  or you upgrade you can just set it up on your new one, log in and re-sync to carry on as you were
  6. Search: The gmail search function is excellent. You can literally search for an email that you received five years ago if you haven’t deleted it. Search by email address, by name or just keyword.
  7. Mobile: Google provides an app for most mobile devices so you can have your email while you’re on the go. Hand on heart this is one of my favourite features and it’s so easy to use. Changing your phone holds no fear as a quick visit to the playstore/istore will download the Gmail app, put in your username and password for your google apps account and bingo, all your emails are there.  You can add other accounts to the app so if you have a personal account and switch between them at the touch of a button. This alone will save you HOURS of frustration
  8. Other products: you will get access to a slew of other products from Google with a Google apps account including:
    1. Hangouts – don’t want to email as it would take too long? Why not use Hangouts video conference to talk to your customer face to face?
    2. Calendar – easy to use, interfaces with Eventbrite amongst others and you can share your calendar with a colleague or a team
    3. Docs – you can use Google Documents, Sheets and forms which are the Google version of Word/Excel and Powerpoint. The great thing about these is the ability for more than one person to work on a document at the same time via the sharing option. So if you’re away from base but need to input figures for your accountant, you both can work on the same document at the same time.
    4. Cloud storage – means you can access all your information from anywhere in the world at any time across phone, laptop and desktop.


  1. It’s not free. you have to pay for initial setup and then a monthly charge. For your Basic – Professional office suite with 30GB storage, it is €4 per user per month or €40 per user per year plus tax. Or if you want a Business – Enhanced office suite with unlimited storage and archiving, then it’s €8 per user per month or €96 per user per year plus tax.

That’s it, there are no more disadvantages to using Google Apps/G Suite.  We in Coppertops Towers have tried almost every other email/webmail out there and have found Google Apps to be THE best option for us as a business.

If you are interested in chatting more about Google Apps or wanted to set Google Apps/G Suite up for your business please contact us on 087 6794725 or email us. Really you won’t regret it.

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