I have lost count of the number of times I’ve heard it. I’ve lost all my phone numbers or contacts because I lost my phone or broke my phone or dropped it in the sink.

This is inconvenient if your phone is for personal use, but it is more than that if we are talking about your business phone. Losing all of your contact details for your suppliers, customers and business contacts is a major setback and a massive headache.

The thing is that this is completely unnecessary in this era of smartphones. If you set your phone up correctly then all of your contacts should be safely backed up and recoverable if you lose your phone.

For example, if you use a google account, make sure that your contacts are set to save to your google account by default. This has a number of benefits, not least of which is the fact that if you lose or change your phone you simply have to log in to your google account on your new device to restore all of your contacts. Another massive benefit for me is the ability to add, delete and amend contacts on my laptop and have those changes sync to my phone. I’m old school, I prefer to type on a real keyboard, so this makes it much easier and faster for me to manage my contacts.

So, please make sure you are setting up your phone to back up contacts to an online account so that if your phone lets you down it is a minor inconvenience and not a major catastrophe!



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