You know the rest…… to make a first impression. We’ve all done it, decided how we feel within seconds of meeting someone.
Well if you run a business, it’s even more important. Think of your business stationery, what impression is it giving of your business? Your stationery could be the first time a prospective client meets you and your company so what impression are they getting? And is it the impression you WANT them to get?

So look again at your stationery? Is it smart? Spelt correctly? Perhaps it’s on flimsy and lightweight paper? Is your logo unique to you or if you went online would loads of your competitors have the exact same one? Whatever one you’ve gone for, it will be the first impression your business creates in the minds of the receiver. It’s very important that the design and quality reflect who you and your business are, to the minds of your prospective clients.

So if you never get a chance to make a first impression, what impression are you making?

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