One Life Insure

This was a very satisfying project to complete for both of us for completely different reasons. Tom had come to us looking for a website for a new insurance business he was launching.

He had a specific style and look in mind which shortened the design process considerably. He also needed us to incorporate an insurance quote generator on the site so users could pull out specific insurance quotations based on their needs and information.

This was the first time that we had incorporated a specific piece of third-party software in any of our sites and it was a challenge to not only install it but to ensure that it returned accurate information to both the user and to the company.

With a little work and a lot of testing, OneLife Insurance was launched and both the customer and Coppertops are delighted with how it looks and functions. This is one of our key values, that any website we design must look well to attract the customer’s eye but also function well so that they can find the information easily and quickly. This bright and appealing website makes the job of finding the right insurance, a little easier and a little more fun.

UPDATE: Tom had made some tweaks to the colour scheme he was using in his branding and also wanted to upgrade his quote engine. We made some small changes to the design of his website which we feel made a big visual impact, and underwent a major project behind the scenes to give him a much-improved quote engine.

So wander over and take a look, who knows you might even bag a better insurance quote!

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