Patrick J Power

This was an emotional one. We were working with Nessa, Patrick's daughter, to improve the website and sell Patrick's books. Patrick died earlier this year and we know that focussing on promoting his writing has given Nessa some comfort during this difficult time.

We built the site with a simple design, similar to the original layout, using a setup that will make it easier to manage and update. We added the option to purchase some of the books directly from the website, others are available from Amazon. The links to purchase needed to be consistent in design but also make it clear where the user should expect to go by clicking.

Nessa also provided us with an audio recording of a passage from Light Reading for Short Journeys - "Going to the Pictures" read by Tim Casey, which we have embedded on the site as a free sample.

We were honoured to assist Nessa in making these improvements to promote her dad's work in his memory.

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