Thorntons Surveyors

This website was a very satisfying site to create. Thortons are a group of chartered surveyors with branches in Louth, Limerick and Dublin. They wanted a clear, professional site, that was fully responsive with all social media links, call us buttons and google maps.Surveying the Surveyors
We started this project as we do with all our projects by discussing with the client what they wanted their website to do. Then we asked the client to look at it from their customer's point of view and discover what would their customers like to see on the site. This is a vital piece of work sometimes overlooked. Once we were able to determine this, all the content flowed from this point, we knew what the site was going to say.Design
The visual design for this site started from the logo. We used the colours of the logo to determine the colours of the site so it would be similiar to the rest of Thorton's branding. As there is now a shift in the online world from text to visual, we used a series of high quality images on the home page to highlight the services offered by Thorton's. All these images are of course linked to the relevant page. By keeping the background white and using just three colours throughout, means that the visual design of the site draws them in and allows them to focus on what matters.Function
As there is a lot of content on the website, we tried to make it easy for viewers to find the information they wanted quickly and easily. Menus are clear with the key information (What We Do) readily available. Where there by necessity has to be information, we have laid it out in drop down menu formats on the page, so the viewer only sees the heading. They only need to click on the heading that interests them so they don't have to trawl down through a page to find what really interests them.