The power of the tool IFTTT (If This Then That)

There are an increasing number of tools on the internet which are specifically designed to integrate. These tools don’t have a function of their own, as such, rather they serve to connect other tools to increase the functionality of many apps available online. As there are a lot of options, there can be a lot of confusion as to which to use but for me simplicity holds a lot of power and so IFTTT is my personal favourite. logo

Registering with the site is simple, setup is simple, the functionality is extremely clear. Basically this can make a lot of your daily tasks a whole lot easier with a small amount of time to set it up.

IFTTT works with a searchable list of channels – these are the apps which IFTTT can connect to. To use a channel, you must connect to your account on that app as a one time setup.

Once you have channels connected, you can create a recipe. The name of the site is key here – If This, Then That. You select a trigger, which is the thing that will cause the recipe to be activated. This can be something from your email, your calendar, your android phone (once you install the app on your phone), your location or many more.

Once the trigger has happened, you want the recipe to cause something else to be done. This is the action (I did say this was simple!!)

When your recipe is set up, you can choose to pause or run it or you can return to the edit screen. You can opt to receive notifications when it runs, if you wish.

The options are endless with IFTTT. I’ve included a few examples here.

  • I have set up a recipe which triggers when I take a photo on my android device and uploads it to the cloud – you can link google drive, dropbox, box etc.
  • I have a recipe which triggers an email when I miss a call. This email is pointed to my task list, to set a reminder in case I need to call the person back
  • I have a recipe which triggers a notification on my phone if it is going to rain tomorrow
  • I have 2 recipes which silence my phone at night and turn the sound back on in the morning
  • I have a recipe which causes a notification on my phone if I get an email that matches a certain set of rules

And I haven’t even scratched the surface of what can be done with this great tool! Try it out, and if you’ve already tried it let us know what you have done with it in the comments.

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IFTTT tool

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