Are you ready to promote your business post COVID restrictions?

Since COVID restrictions first hit last year it’s been so difficult to plan anything and that is so much more the case for business owners. Changes in restrictions have such a massive impact on businesses and with all of the uncertainty it has been such a challenging time. We’ve seen clients invest heavily to reopen safely only to be closed again very quickly.

In a world where so much is up in the air it’s even more important to focus on the pieces we can take control of. So what should we be focussing on?

Planning is difficult without knowing when restrictions will be lifted, but while the dates are unknown we can plan a digital marketing strategy which can be implemented whenever we are able to reopen.

As always, we’ll suggest keeping it simple and easy to manage. And we will give you some headings to work from.


Which products or services do you want to promote? Do you want to promote everything at once or pick one each week or month to focus on? Do you have any offers to get things moving again?

What content are you going to send out to promote yourself – informational, fun, inspirational or pure sales-based? We would recommend a combination, carefully manage the ratio of sales to non-sales posts so that you don’t come across as pushy or offputting.


How will you promote yourself? Which platforms do you like to use – blog, social media, email? Will you have the posts ready and post as you go or will you schedule them in advance?

How will your customers purchase from you? Can you streamline the process to make it more efficient, giving your customers a better experience or reducing your own workload?


I know, I know, we said we don’t know dates. But you can check insights and stats on previous posts to see which days and times of day work best for content on your platforms and with your customer base.

If you don’t have enough stats to work from do some online research on general trends and use those as a starting point so your schedule is at least a little informed rather than completely random. You can tweak and adapt as you gather more info later.


Who is your ideal customer? Who are you marketing to? Are you using the write content, tone and approach for the person you would love to work with or sell to?


Where are your ideal customers? Are they reading blog posts, best approached via email newsletters or on one of the social media platforms? Research them and see where they are spending time so that you can make sure you are connecting and not missing the mark in your efforts.

What else to do post COVID?

Read our previous post on the other things we would suggest working on while COVID restrictions are still in place as they can also help you to prepare and build a strong foundation for a less restrictive world.

Are you ready to promote your business post COVID restrictions?

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Are you ready to promote your business post COVID restrictions

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