Protect yourself against The WPSetup Attack

We already know that hackers are continually finding new ways to attack websites. The latest method targets fresh installations of WordPress and where access is obtained provides the attacker with access to your hosting account and a method to run harmful code on your account. It is crucial that you are aware of, and protect yourself against, this attack to keep not just your website but your hosting account safe.

When you install WordPress, make sure you fully complete the configuration of the WordPress installation. We would recommend that you also implement security precautions on your website at this point, so that it is protected immediately against attacks. It is an assumption to think that attackers are looking for established sites or sites where money is involved. Attacks are often carried out on the basis that the attacker wants to wreak havoc, as much as to gain financially from the attack.

Click here to read more about this from Wordfence.

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