Security Issue – XSS Vulnerability

There has recently been a security advisor warning about many of the plugins used on WordPress sites.  A security issue has been identified and developers have been working to resolve the issue.  A “fix” has been issued in the form of updates for those plugins.

We would like to assure our customers, that where Coppertops are taking care of the maintenance and updates of their sites (Bronze Care Pack), all security patches have been put in place and all websites are once again secure and updated.

If you are a Coppertops customer and are looking after the maintenance of your own site, we would urge you to log in and make all the updates as soon as possible.

We would remind everyone that all software will have bugs and some of those bugs will inevitably lead to security vulnerabilities.  But please be assured that the entire WP community out there are constantly monitoring and updating as these issues are identified.


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web security xss vulnerability

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