Should you choose WordPress or Squarespace for your business?

Squarespace has been gaining popularity as a quick and easy way to get your website online, taking over the spot between Wix/Weebly and a full on self hosted WordPress site.

So let’s boil it down to basics and compare your options, shall we?


Squarespace provides a pretty, well designed and easy tool to set up your website and to use it post setup. If you select the option which includes G Suite setup the cost is around €20 per month (don’t forget to add VAT to the prices quoted on the website).


wordpress logoWordPress provides a more flexible option, with more functionality and ability to grow with your business. The downside is that it can be a little more complicated to setup and manage for anyone who is not used to doing this kind of thing.

We have had clients come to us in the past after paying Wix, Weebly, Vistaprint or Squarespace to set up their website using a site builder – only to discover within the first year that they had already outgrown its limitations and realised they needed something more powerful, like WordPress, in order to continue to grow their website in line with their business.
So what if I said that you could have the best of both worlds?

What if you could have a WordPress site set up and managed for you, leaving you to customise it and to write your own text? What if you had a WordPress site and all the flexibility that comes with it along with the ease of use that comes with a Squarespace site?

And what if you could have this managed WordPress site for the same price?

Well, with Coppertops you can.

So why not save yourself the hassle and jump straight to WordPress, with our assistance to ensure that it is easy and quick to get started?
Why not start off with a site that is built for your future and will continue to work for you as your business grows?

Click here to find out more and get started.


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