Design: Snugglebugs, Baby Wearing Consultants

Logo Design, Business Card Design, Flyer Design, Poster Design and Banner Design for Snugglebugs

Snugglebugs sell wraps, carriers and slings and give advice on all aspects of babywearing. They want to help parents to “sling with style”.


Tricia and Méabh wanted a logo refresh, a business card, flyer, poster and banner designed to suit the nature of their business. Regina started with their current logo and introduced a new graphic element to refresh it. This new look logo was more in harmony with their style and their business. A design for business cards, flyers, posters and a roll up banner followed. All of these designs are custom created for the specific use. They also have a consistent look and feel which in turn is consistent with what Snugglebugs do.

Here are the roll up banner and business card designs:
Business Card Popup Banner design

A roll up banner needs to be eye catching and clear, visible from a distance but also including plenty of information about the business.

A business card should give a sense of what its owner does, here the design is simple, clean, elegant and has a gentle feel.


Here are the flyer and poster (A5/A4) designs.Poster flyer design

The A5 flyer has less space, so needs to be extra clear but has more information about what Snugglebugs do and is appealing to look at.

The A4 poster gives more room to provide fuller details about the company, is clear and easy to read and has a design which gives a great first impression of Snugglebugs

Lastly. the Snugglebugs logo, in all of its glory!

Logo design

This logo design captures the feeling of what Snugglebugs do, with gentle colours and a clear image.

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Snugglebugs Logo Design

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