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“150 million people now use Pinterest every single month. And we’ve got over 75 billion ideas waiting here for them to discover—with 75%of those ideas coming from businesses just like yours.

Over half of people on Pinterest, and 75% of new signups, are from outside the United States. And while Pinterest used to be thought of as mostly just for women, now 40% of people who join are men—that’s 70% more than this time last year! The younger generation is also joining to get fresh ideas, with over 50% of all millennials in the US now on Pinterest.”  

These are the statistics provided by Jon Kaplan, Head of Global Sales for Pinterest in his blog of October 2016.

So how does Pinterest work?   Think of it as a noticeboard for your interests or as a mood board. If you’re looking to redecorate your kitchen, you might go to Pinterest seeking inspiration. So you search for kitchen or kitchen colours. You will find thousands of photos of kitchens styles, decorations, colours, the list is endless. Pinterest then allows you to ‘pin’ the image of your choice on your own noticeboard. You can build up a noticeboard of your own of kitchen styles (modern, shaker, country) and kitchen elements (countertops, cupboards, doors, flooring, lights) and colours (all white, pine, two tone). By the end you will have a noticeboard that outlines exactly what you want in a new kitchen. So how does this apply to a business?


1. Awareness

Pinterest is incredibly visual. Say  you are a kitchen manufacturer, then Pinterest functions like an online gallery, showcasing your products.  Pinterest allows you to showcase your business in an entirely visual way. This applies to all sorts of businesses from gardening services, to food to fabrics, fashion, nails, in face any product or service that you can take a decent photo of, can be uploaded to Pinterest.

Many people now use social media such as Pinterest to research or bookmark items to buy or styles to follow and it has become a core element of the buying process. By integrating Pinterest into your strategy, you can ensure that your business is part of this process.



2. Website Traffic

Each image uploaded image allows you to embed certain features like a website link so anyone looking at your image can link directly back to browse your site and hopefully pick up the phone to call you.  This is called website traffic referral and Pinterest is second only to Facebook in this regard



3. Social Media Integration

If a Pinterest user has their Facebook account linked with their Pinterest account, their pins of your products will also appear on Facebook so their friends will also see your products. It opens up a whole other marketing network for you.



4. Good for SEO

Putting your business on Pinterest can also help with SEO. Sharing of content is a key performance indicator of good SEO from a search engine’s point of view so the more interest you attract, the better you can rank.


In Summary

Again as with every social media platform you need to decide if Pinterest is the platform for you. This decision should be made by whether your customers are using it (or if they will be) and whether you as a business owner can devote sufficient time to doing it right. If you don’t have the time, why not talk to an agency like Coppertops who will handle it all for you

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