Seemingly lots of Irish users are getting spammed by Harry Potter quotations. Now I like Harry Potter as much as the next nerd but these emails/posts etc are just an attempt to evade of the main anti-spam technologies, something called a Bayes engine. A Bayes engine works out (in a mathematically complicated way) which words and phrases spam emails are likely to use. The use of Harry Potter quotes are the spammers trying to circumvent the engine by convincing it that Harry Potter fans are trying to <div>Icon made by <a href="" alt="" title="">Freepik</a> from <a href="" title="Flaticon"></a></div>communicate. (Which is silly because everyone knows they use owls!)

So as people flag these emails as spam, then the engine learns and starts to identify the rubbish emails and blocks them. So spammers will then move onto the next fictional character or celebrity or even news story and use quotes from that as its harder to filter and the cycle starts again.

If you do receive one of these emails/posts, just mark it as spam in your inbox and delete.


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