Day 3: Spring Cleaning Your Data

The data we store, as a business, can vary massively. However, we generally have similar types so we are going to focus on a general overview which will hopefully trigger you to consider the individual areas where you need to assess what you are holding on to.

  1. Contact Details
    This is one we all fall into, we exchange business cards and go home and diligently enter those details into our contacts list. We often exchange a message or two (or sometimes none) with the person and then there is no contact. If you do not think there will be contact again, perhaps it’s time to consider removing those details. In addition, if you haven’t used them for longer than you state as the term that you keep data for then you really should delete the info.

2. Subscribers lists
Remove anyone who shouldn’t be on there, it will improve your data in terms of opens and clicks and will also reduce the chances that your emails will be labelled as spam, increasing delivery rates.

3. Files
Again, this is one that catches us all out and especially when we’re busy as it’s not something we think of. Again, though, if you have confidential info beyond the term you specify for data retention then it should be deleted. Deleting old files will also make it easier to find the information you actually need!

4. Passwords
This doesn’t apply in a lot of cases, but in certain industries, you will be given passwords for clients accounts. These should be deleted once you no longer need them, or once you stop working with that client. Even if you only have your own passwords to manage, clearing out what you no longer need will make it easier to find and use the rest.

5. Empty your bins
Bins accumulate files that you’ve decided to delete but are kept in case you change your mind. This is an easy win, you have already decided you don’t need this stuff!

6. Desktop
If your desktop is full of files it is slowing you down. Action and remove anything saved here, or move it to its rightful home. A clean desktop is also much less distracting

We download everything here and generally if it’s still here then we don’t need it so this is also an easy one to work through.

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