New Website for Stack Chimney Services

We were delighted to launch a new website for Stack Chimney Services. Tom Stack did have a previous website but unfortunately, there was a number of issues that meant it was performing as efficiently as it should have been for him. Among the issues was the use of Flash on the site which slowed its performance and it wasn’t mobile friendly so the site would not be returned by Google if someone had searched for his services using a mobile

Screenshot 2015-12-16 14.13.23phone.

So a redesign was called for. The new site is fast and clean and loads very quickly. It is very responsive so if it is viewed on a mobile phone or tablet, it will resize itself for optimum viewing.

We have included his social media icons, direct email and phone contact and the contact form will allow a direct service booking online via the ‘Book A Sweep’ link.

We are delighted to launch Stack Chimney Services.



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