Strategy Series 2021: 5 biggest digital marketing mistakes

These are the mistakes that will cost you the most and are generally the easiest to catch and fix so they are a great place to start in improving your digital marketing strategy.

1. Skipping to the “how”

This is probably the most common, we get caught up so easily in the tricks and tools we hear about for web, social media etc and dive in to figuring out how to set them up. So what should we do instead?

Take a step back and think about what and why. What you want to achieve, and why it is important to you. Using that information to figure out which pieces of digital marketing trickery to make use of means that you are always working towards your goal and working on things that will work for you, reducing wasted time and effort (and which small business owner has more time and effort available than they need for other things!?)

2. Doing “all the things”

Do you feel like you are everywhere, firefighting to keep up with blog posts, email marketing and posts to multiple social media channels? This can feel exhausting and relentless as well as giving diluted results.

Check your analytics and reports to see which channels are actually delivering for you, then double down on those and drop some of the ones that are not giving you any actual results. It is better to be on 2 “good for you” social media platforms consistently than trying to post to 6 randomly selected ones in a hit and miss way.

3. “Rush job” content

Think about this for a second, because I am willing to bet that you have made this judgement of content published by other people!

If your content looks rushed, scruffy and unprofessional then that is the impression your content is giving of you and your business. If your content looks like care was taken to do a good job then that is a much better impression to give of how you operate.

The difference here is in the small things:

  • proof read and ask someone to proof read for you so you don’t miss spelling errors or typos.
  • create graphics that represent your content and your business in a professional way – create a template graphic so that you can swap elements out for each post to save time.

4. Writing from the wrong point of view

So often we see this, content is written from the point of view of the business rather than taking the potential client’s needs into account.

It’s a tough lesson, but your clients do not care how you do what you do. They only care about how you can help them. So tell them about the problems you can solve, not the technical details of how you are going to do it.

5. Generally “missing the mark”

Using the wrong tone, posting to channels where your ideal client is not spending time, posting at times when your ideal client is not online to read or posting content that is not interesting to your ideal client.

It’s important to pay attention to these points so that the time you spend creating content is giving results and hitting the target effectively. Otherwise you are wasting your time!

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Strategy - Digital Marketing Mistakes

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