Strategy Series 2021: Effective Planning for optimising your spend on Paid Ads

Paid ads are the go-to for many people when it comes to digital marketing and we would recommend it for anyone who wants to kick start online promotion.

In this post we will discuss planning an effective ad campaign, the next post will delve into the platforms and setup of the ads themselves.

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Planning your ads campaign

Before you start you always need a plan!

What are you trying to do?

This is a step that we see people miss out surprisingly often. People think they “should” (hate that word!) run ads so they dive in and get lost (easy done in Facebook ads world). At that point they can entirely lose sight of any reason that they had for using ads.

So stop and back up to figure out what you want the ads to achieve for your business. This will dictate everything else about your ads, so it’s worth taking some time to be clear on this first.

Do you want to sell?

If you are aiming to sell a product or service then the ad needs to portray a strong reason why the customer should buy. Why do they need it?

The ad needs to bring the customer to a point where they can purchase (via Facebook itself, or on your website) in as few steps as possible. Every extra steps means you lose people who might have been interested in purchasing from you.

The information that the customer needs to make the purchase should be easy to access, clear and obvious. Any doubt will lose you a sale.

Do you want leads?

How do you want them? Do you want them to message you on facebook, call you, email or fill in a form on your website? We’re currently running ads for a client where the aim is to get people to book a call on the website.

Again, keep it easy and simple for the person who is interested in your ad to jump into your system and give you their info. Don’t give them a reason not to!

Do you want to let people know about you?

This can be general brand awareness or can be used as a great way to increase web traffic. Because you are getting people from your ideal target audience to click through to your site the more people that click to visit the more likely you are to gain customers. You’ve semi qualified them before they even see the ad, remember?

In addition, as we mentioned earlier, extra web traffic improves your search engine performance.

One thing to bear in mind here is that each visitor is costing you money. So we always advise that you focus on optimising your website before you pay for people to visit it, don’t waste money paying for ads to drive traffic to your website if you know it isn’t working as well as it should or could do.

Design your ad

While checking you are complying with ads policies, be very clear about the elements of your ad and how they will work for you. You can also use these elements to further qualify your audience to make sure the people who click on your ad are the best fit for your business.

Video, Photo or Image?

Carefully choose or create imagery or video for your ad that is eye-catching and portrays exactly the message that you are aiming to get across. You don’t have more than a couple of seconds to grab attention, keep it simple and clear. This can be as simple as using Canva and finding a template you like then applying your brand colours, logo and perhaps a personal image.

Get the text right!

The text is more important than you may think, the graphics will grab attention but generally the text is what convinces the user to take action on your ad.

They need to know why they should take action, how to go about it and what to expect when they do.

This is a definite candidate for creating an ad for each version of your text to trial and see which is most effective.

The Call to Action

What is the action that you want the user to take, and what is the text on the link or button to get them to take the next step? Your ad becomes truly effective once you get people taking action.

So what are you waiting for?

Why not give it a go and let us know how you get on? Or if it sounds like just too much hassle but you’re curious to see whether it could be an effective way to grow your business get in touch and we can discuss the possibilities for your specific needs.

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