Strategy Series 2021: Email Marketing – Segmenting your Audience

As mentioned in the Email Marketing post in this series, segmenting allows you to send email to subcategories within your list. This means that you can target content specifically to the people you think will be most interested in it. This reduces the risk of your content being viewed as spam by other audience members who are not interested in those topics.

But how to set up segments?

You can set these segments up manually by adding each individual user to a segment or uploading a csv of users which will be marked as being part of that segment. This is static and doesn’t change over time.

You can also automatically set up a segment based on a criteria – eg you can segment based on a specific tag, so any list member with the tag can be auto included in a segment. These tags can be auto-added. For example, by using the Mailchimp integration with WooCommerce you can add a tag to a subscriber based on what they have purchased in your online shop. This type of segment is dynamic and automatically updated over time, which is much more powerful.

What are the benefits?

There are a couple of benefits to using segments rather than separate lists.

If you have one subscriber on multiple lists they could as an audience member for each list they are on (remember you’re limited by number of audience members on Mailchimp plans?). On the other hand, if you have a list member in multiple segments within a single list they count as a single audience member.

It also reduces the admin in terms of list management. Say, for example, that a customer asks you to change the email address they subscribed with (or with Mailchimp they do it themselves). If they are in multiple segments on one list then that update corrects the email for all of your campaigns. If they are in multiple list then that change will need to be made on each one.

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