Strategy Series 2021: How to ensure that your social media is effective

We all use Social Media, but do we use it effectively, in a way that is benefitting our businesses? This week, we’ll be running through all the different ways that you can ensure that you are using social media in the most effective way.


This is one of the biggest mistakes that people make.

Choose the platforms that you will find your customers on and that you enjoy using.

If your customers are not on a platform you are talking to yourself and if you don’t enjoy using it then you simply won’t use it often enough to be effective.


Look at your profile with another person’s eyes.

Is it appealing?

Do you know immediately that it’s yours?

Does it give all of the relevant information about who you are, what you do and how to contact or buy from you?

Does it link to your website and/or other social profiles? (This impacts on SEO as well as making life easier for your customers).

Check other businesses, not just in your own industry, to see how your profile compares.


Is your content consistent? It’s better to post once a month than every day for a week then nothing for 6 months. You can schedule posts so they appear regularly- either on the platform itself or using a scheduler.

Two points to note if you are doing this:
Don’t schedule time-sensitive content as context can change before it goes live which can cause issues.
Make sure to also post more informal, ad hoc, content in between and directly to the platform so your feed doesn’t feel stale or stilted.

Post what people want to read – inspire, educate, entertain or make their lives easier in some way. Write about their pain points and how they can ease those.

Give people (and in particular your ideal customer) a reason to visit, read and come back for more.


Good graphics are so powerful and so easy! Use a tool like canva and adjust one of their templates to your brand colours (you can save your colours in your account for easy use next time!). Swap out the text for your own message.

Include your details like logo, web address, contact info (without overdoing it!) in case the image gets shared by itself, so it still leads back to you.

Link back to your website

As well as a link on your profile itself, share your blog posts to increase traffic back to your site – even without clicks these links improve your Google ranking and if shared or clicked the impact is increased as these are a “vote” for the value of your content. So make sure your information is shareable and clickable (by making it useful or fun!)


Remember that on socials your posts will be seen individually or in a users’s feed, so check how both look as well as how your own overall feed looks for anyone who actually visits your profile.

Aim for consistent but not too uniform (aka BO-RING!) posts that compliment your brand in a fun and effective way.


Becoming more popular as a powerful and effective way to connect and/or get more info across more quickly.

Especially powerful if you are a big part of your business, letting people feel like they are getting to know you before ever making contact with you makes them more likely to buy from you (if they are a good fit, it can be a great way to filter for good “matches”)

YouTube is a search engine powered by Google and one of the most used searches on t’internet. Just sayin’!

So there you have it! Have a look at your own social media and see how you can improve. Let us know if you’ve found this helpful by using #CopperStrategy on social media. Check out our Strategy Series here

Effective Social Media
Effective Social Media

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Effective Social Media

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